The Pallative Care Kit….

              Things have been really busy for me lately between work and taking care of the family. I really haven't had much time for anything. I can say that things are looking up a little bit. Over the past 3 weeks or so, I have been dealing with a… Continue reading The Pallative Care Kit….


Falling Back into the Void…

    Let me begin by saying it is 12:09am on a Monday morning in which I need to get up for work at 5:45 am in order to get my son and myself ready for the day ahead. Things up until the last 2 weeks have been, may I dare to say, bearable. Things… Continue reading Falling Back into the Void…

Turning Over a New Leaf and a New Motto for Life

    In the past few months I have been trying to turn over a new leaf so to speak. I know I can't escape my current situation until I get some things squared score, money put back for a new place, a destination to move to, passing my national certification exam for pharmacy… Continue reading Turning Over a New Leaf and a New Motto for Life

Ready, Set…Crisis Mode!

     Have you ever had the feeling you were forgetting something? Like you're walking into a room and completely forgot why you were going in there or you have forgotten where you have placed your car keys and spend forever trying to find them? It is completely frustrating and annoying right?      I… Continue reading Ready, Set…Crisis Mode!

Independence Day (long post)

     Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope everyone is having an amazing day with their friends and families! Growing up we were taught by our teachers (at least when I was in school) that this day was all about our little country gaining independence from the big bad king of England. It was… Continue reading Independence Day (long post)

The Wicked Witch of the North Causes Vacation to go up in Flames! (Long Post)

All of the graduation festivities for my daughter have concluded. The ceremonies went well, the parties for the most part went off as planned although there was one person in particular that was extremely difficult to deal with. Who was this person you ask? Well, let me tell is my husband's step-mother. From the… Continue reading The Wicked Witch of the North Causes Vacation to go up in Flames! (Long Post)

Don’t You Forget About Me…

     "Don't you forget about me...Don't, don't, don't, don't...Don't you forget about me...As you walk on by...will you call my name? As you walk on by...will you call my name? When you walk away...oh will you walk away? Will you walk on by? Come on, call my name. Will you call my name?...I say… Continue reading Don’t You Forget About Me…