The Narcissist Strikes Again!

   I know it's late but I have been trying to get around to writing this all day because this weekend was literally the weekend from HELL! I have so much going on right now I can barely keep track of what day it is on a normal day. I even lost my car in… Continue reading The Narcissist Strikes Again!


And The Hits Just Keep on Coming…

     Coming off the high of last weekend's get together I thought this week was going to be at least a little less stressful. I thought maybe because I was given a chance to relax I could maybe not hit as many speed bumps along the way this week. Well, that theory was shot to… Continue reading And The Hits Just Keep on Coming…

Feeling Human Again…For Just One Night

     Every once in a while my husband and I like to host a little get together at our home for our friends. There is a full bar room behind our garage that came with the house when we bought it.  It is a night filled with adult beverages, great music, good food, catching up… Continue reading Feeling Human Again…For Just One Night

Yet Another Senseless Tragedy

    As you have read in my previous posts, I have had my own demons to fight and overcome. I still battle these demons on a daily basis and there are times it is unrelenting and I just want to say "Enough is enough...I f#*$% give up!". I am under so much stress right now… Continue reading Yet Another Senseless Tragedy

High School Drama at 41? WTF!

     At one point or another everyone on this planet has had one of those days or weeks where you feel like the entire universe is against you and all you get done doing is dodging flaming piles of shit. During these wonderful days absolutely nothing goes according to plan and all you want to… Continue reading High School Drama at 41? WTF!

Back to School…What was I Thinking?!

    I had the brilliant idea to enroll in my first college course in about 15 years. My intentions were good. I wanted to get a good job so my family could stop struggling financially. This is all well and good in reality I am beginning to realize maybe not so much.     I… Continue reading Back to School…What was I Thinking?!

Weathering the Ups and Downs

     In this life we are blessed with times of great joy. It could be the birth of a child, a long-awaited promotion at work, or a wedding. Unfortunately, we are also made to weather times of great sorrow and strife. These include but are not limited to financial difficulties, relationship troubles, illness (either short-term… Continue reading Weathering the Ups and Downs